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What is Flytrap ?

What is Flytrap ?

          Flytrap is a medium interaction distributed honeypot intended to improve the security 
          of a  network by providing a very robust and easy to deploy honeypot system. Flytrap can  
          be used to deploy daemon teams across the network that cooperate with one other. It can
          mimic many  popular services and also gives the user the capability to easily add custom 
          services to its arsenal.


What makes Flytrap so special ?


Flytrap can be deployed in a team of computers making it easy for an Administrator 
to manage and manipulate various flytraps. The custom service editor allows for easy 
creation of new services that will be supported by Flytrap.     




What about the License ?


           Flytrap uses GPL Version 2. Flytrap is all about acquiring knowledge and sharing it. 



Why call it Flytrap ?


          Flytrap gets its name from the very notorious carnivorous plant, The  Venus Flytrap.
          This plant has caught everyone's fascination by the deceptive means in which it catches
          its prey. "Deception", according to Sun Tzu, "Is the basis of all warfare".Flytrap and 
          other honeypots borrow this very principle to take care of cyber security. 



How can i help ?


     Flytrap is our first project in ruby. We would love to hear advices and suggestions
     regarding our attempt. If you are interested in working for this project, do contact

     us (we'd really appreciate an extra brain)






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